Almighty Father,

whose will is to restore all things

in your beloved Son, the King of all:

govern the hearts and minds of those in authority,

and bring the families of the nations,

divided and torn apart by the ravages of sin,

to be subject to his just and gentle rule;

who is alive and reigns with you,

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

one God, now and for ever.

You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church

Wednesday, 1st November – ALL SAINTS’ DAY

Thursday, 2nd November All Souls’ Day

Friday, 3rd November – Richard Hooker, Anglican Apologist, Teacher, 1600

Saturday, 4th November – Feria


Monday, 6th November – Leonard, Hermit, 6th century; William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury, Teacher, 1944

Tuesday, 7th November – Willibrord of York, Bishop, Apostole of Frisia, 739

Wednesday, 8th November – The Saints and Martyrs of England

Thursday, 9th November Margery Kempe, Mystic, c. 1440

Friday, 10th November – Leo the Great, Bishop of Rome, 461

Saturday, 11th November – Martin, Bishop of Tours, c. 397

Sunday, 12th November – THE THIRD SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT (Remembrance Sunday)

Monday, 13th November – Charles Simeon, Priest, Evangelical Divine, 1836

Tuesday, 14th November – Samuel Seabury, first Anglican Bishop in North America, 1796

Wednesday, 15th November – Feria

Thursday, 16th November Margaret, Queen of Scotland, Philanthropist, Reformer of the Church, 1093 Edmund Rich of Abingdon, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1240

Friday, 17th November – Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1200

Saturday, 18th November – Elizabeth of Hungary, Princess of Thuringia, Philanthropist, 1231


Monday, 20th November – Edmund, King of the East Angles, Martyr, 870 Priscilla Lydia Sellon, a Restorer of the Religious Life in the Church of England, 1876

Tuesday, 21st November – Feria

Wednesday, 22nd November – Celia, Martyr at Rome, c. 230

Thursday, 23rd November Clement, Bishop of Rome, c. 100

Friday, 24th November – Feria

Saturday, 25th November – Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr, 4th century; Isaac Watts, Hymn Writer, 1748

Sunday, 26th November – CHRIST THE KING

Monday, 27th November – Feria

Tuesday, 28th November – Feria

Wednesday, 29th November – Feria

Thursday, 30th November ANDREW THE APOSTLE is an excellent online resource containing short biographies of the saints, as well as prayers and readings for their day.


Holy Communion for the The First Sunday of Advent, 2020, celebrated at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton

Prayers of Intercession for Advent

… and some favourite hymns for this day …

Awake, awake: fling off the night

Come, thou long-expected Jesus

Hark! A herald voice is calling

Hills of the north, rejoice

Lo, he comes with clouds descending

O come, O come, Emmanuel


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Our services for the month of November are as follows:

Sunday, 5th November, ALL SAINTS’ DAY (transferred from 1st November) THE FOURTH SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT

9.15 am Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order One – modern language), at St Nicholas’, North Bradley. 

11 am Shoebox Family Service and In Loving Memory of the Faithful Departed, at St Thomas’, Southwick.

11 am  Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order Two – “BCP”), with sermon, at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton.  

Sunday, 12th November, THE THIRD SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT (Remembrance Sunday) 

8 am Said Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order Two – “BCP”), with sermon, at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton.

10.40 am Remembrance Sunday Service, at St Nicholas’, North Bradley.

10.50 am Remembrance Sunday Service at Holy Communion St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton.


9.15 am  Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order One – modern language), with sermon, at St Nicholas’, North Bradley. 

10.30 am  Family Gift Service, Steeple Ashton.

Sunday, 26th November, CHRIST THE KING 

8 am Said Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order Two – “BCP”), with sermon, at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton.

10 am Family Service, at St Nicholas’, North Bradley.

11 am Holy Communion (Common Worship, Order One – modern language), with sermon, at St Thomas’, Southwick.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) The wearing of face coverings in church by all who attend worship and, in general, by all those who attend church when there may be others present is recommended, though no longer mandatory. 

Individual Prayer in our churches:

St Nicholas’, North Bradley and St Thomas’, Southwick are open by prior arrangement only.

St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton, is open during daylight hours throughout the week.


Morning Prayer is said at St Thomas’, Southwick at 10 am every Thursday.

If you have a smartphone do consider downloading and using the free Daily Prayer App (Aimer), where you can now also find a recording of each of the three daily offices – Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer.
“We lift up in prayer the people of our Benefice each morning; please let us know if you would like us to include in our prayers any particular person or cause.”
Worship at home
An excellent range of resources can be found at:
From our own Diocese, you can find at daily reflections
and much streamed material, including, on Sundays, a Service of Words and Music
(often on the Cathedral YouTube channel).
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