It is a great joy to hear of plans for a baptism/christening, different ways of saying the same thing: membership of the Church of God across the world, throughout the ages.

Anyone who is born or lives in the parish is entitled to be baptised in the church of that parish; if a candidate is not connected to the parish in this way it might be possible, depending in the particular circumstances, to arrange for his/her baptism in the parish church.

Following the recommendations of the Church of England, we encourage baptisms at the main Sunday morning service in the relevant church, so that the congregation may welcome and witness the receiving of the newly baptised into Christ’s Church and pledge their support as well as recall their own profession made to God in their baptism.

Every three months a Sunday morning service in each of the three churches of the Benefice is dedicated to baptisms. Having a baptism at one of these Sunday services can sometimes present practical difficulties for the candidate, parents or godparents, in which case we are happy to consider another more convenient time.

To be baptised a child would normally have at least three godparents, including at least one male godparent for a girl or one female godparent for a boy. Parents may be godparents for their own children, providing there is at least one other godparent.

A godparent should normally be baptised and confirmed, although the minister has discretion to dispense with the requirement for confirmation.

A godparent should pray regularly for their godchild, set an example of Christian living, help their godchild grow in the faith, and support him/her to look forward to confirmation.

An adult candidate for baptism will normally have one or more sponsors, instead of a godparent.

We arrange a meeting with (parents and) the candidate for baptism before the baptism itself to talk through this very important event in the candidate’s journey of faith, to discuss and clarify the role of parents and godparents (if appropriate) and to go over any practical matters relating to the forthcoming service of baptism. Before the baptism we also arrange a meeting with godparents, if feasible. Often there is also a short rehearsal in church.

Please contact the Vicar if you would like to arrange for your child to be baptised, or if you yourself would like to be baptised.