Funerals & Interment of Ashes

Funeral services are conducted in all three churches of the Benefice. Burials take place in the churchyard at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton and under limited circumstances only at St Nicholas’, North Bradley. Both churchyards have a Garden of Remembrance for the interment of cremated remains (“ashes”).

St Thomas’ churchyard cannot be used for burials or interments; however, arrangements can be made for burials in the cemetery at Southwick Baptist church.

The church at Heywood ceased to be used for worship some years ago, and has been deconsecrated. The churchyard, however, is still maintained, and it is used for burials.

We invite friends and relations to take their flowers in memory of a departed loved to the relevant Garden of Remembrance.

Please contact the Vicar to make arrangements for a funeral or interment of ashes.