Palm Sunday, 2020

St Mary’s Red Rose

This splendid red rose was hung above the north door at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton, this summer, marking The Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary (15th August) and The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (8th September).
Each part of the rose was created by individual members of the church family and the wider village community as a contribution to a special community project during the spring and early summer when so many of us remained at home.
The Blessed Virgin Mary is often referred to as “the rose without thorns”; and St Bernard of Clairvaux compared her charity to a red rose.

Remembrance Sunday, 2020

At many functions in the armed forces it is a tradition to lay an extra table which will not be occupied. This “Fallen Soldiers’ table” is reserved to honour those fallen servicemen and women, and it affirms that they are present in spirit if not in person.

This tradition is marked at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton, by The Empty Chair.

Never should we forget the brave men and women who served their country to achieve lasting peace in our world.

The Magi at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton

The Magi on their journey

The Magi at the end of their journey, adoring the Christ child
Christmas crib in the South porch at St Mary’s, Steeple Ashton