House Group

The North Bradley and Southwick House Group meets fortnightly. We are a friendly and very sociable group who get together for lots of chat, prayers for those in need, our neighbours, and the wider world, and Bible study. The last ties in with the main seasons in the Church calendar but in recent months has looked at several of Paul’s letters, the prophesies of Isaiah, and John’s Gospel. Whatever we look at in the Bible we seek to find links to the modern world in which we live.

Anyone is welcome to join us. If you would like to, please contact Richard Havergal, who leads the group.

Every year, Richard and Fr Oliver lead a Lent Study course. In recent years we have chosen courses devised by USPG

Lenten Study course, 2021

This year our course will be held over six consecutive weeks, starting the week of 14th February. Fr Oliver and Richard Havergal will each be leading remotely a six-session course, devised by USPG, and entitled: For Such A Time As This

For details of this course please visit:

If you are interested in taking part, please let us know your availability as soon as possible and we shall publicise shortly a timetable that suits the greatest number of people, together with appropriate links on Zoom.